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Discover a treasure unique in the world - Transylvania’s salt treasure from Praid!

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Salt Therapy Holiday Package includes 5 days of recreation: 3 daily visits to the salt mine in Praid, one visit to nearby Sovata's miraculous heliothermal lake - Bear Lake, and one day exploring the gorgeous landscapes surrounding the area.

In Praid Salt Mine, with his unique micro climate, allergy, asthma, skin condition, depression are becoming history...

The spa treatments in nearby Sovata became famous far and wide. The local medicine is based on three main factors: the favorable weather, helioterm salt lakes and mud. The fresh air, lush vegetation around the lake, a rich and varied fauna positively influence the healing process, as well as the well-being of patients.

The Legend of the Bear Lake says that once upon a time in the mountains, at the place where now the Bear Lake lays, a beautiful fairy was living. Walking in the forest she saw a handsome shepherd and she felt in love with him. From that time every night the fairy went to listen the shepherd singing. One day something strange happened, she caught the shepherd kissing a girl. The fairy get so mad that she cursed the poor shepherd and he’s sheep and they became rocks, even today laying in the valley.

Sad and angry the fairy walked in the forest for days lonely and crying, and from her tears was formed the salt mountains in the region, after she went back home still affected and unhappy she get mad and cursed the house to which collapsed and on that place was formed the Bear Lake.

Tradition is saying that every night the fairy is sitting on the top of the hill crying and her tears are floating down in to the Bear Lake.

Wanna hear it for real?

Price: 800 EUR/person (5 days)

The price includes accommodation with breakfast and entrance fees.

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